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Title: Truth or Dare by: Trypton88 / BlackDragonDiva Anime: Naruto… - Fuck you, Fuck me. In the end, we'll all Fucking Bleed. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 9th, 2006|09:47 pm]
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Title: Truth or Dare
by: Trypton88 / BlackDragonDiva
Anime: Naruto
Pairing: SasuNaru
Rating: NC-17 like whoa
Summary: Naruto was secretly wishing he could turn tail and run. Why were they at the Uchiha’s? And why would he need lube? He didn’t like the connections he made with those two thoughts. 
Comments: my first yaoi piece ever. and it's been sitting on my desktop since, oh, i dunno, christmas? I figured there's no harm in posting it, right? all grammer/spelling issues are my fault, sorry. Please enjoy!

The entire place smelled of alcohol. More specifically, it smelled of sake. Naruto’s nose told him the scent was too strong, too rancid, for the others in the room to be in any way sober. The blonde lifted his drink again, it was probably his fifth or sixth, but he felt no buzz that should accompany drunkenness. Nope, he was entirely sober, thanks to the Kyuubi’s influence on his metabolism.

"I really wish Sasuke-kun would come with us when we have a party." Ino’s voice was languid, the ends of her words brushing uncomfortably with the beginning of the next. She was nursing her second bottle.

Next to her, Sakura nodded. "Yeah, we should make him come next time. He’s not social enough."

Kiba snorted. "You two are just pouting ‘cuz he’s not here for you to annoy." The teen lifted his fifth sake bottle, not bothering with the cups Ino had put out for them, and took a large swallow.

"It’s a good thing he’s not, listening to you two chatter and fight over him is troublesome." Ah, leave it to Shikamaru to be crude and blunt. He was cradling a bump on his head a moment later, having dropped his cup. Luckily, it was empty. Ino’s clenched fist was trembling.

"Yeah, yeah, who needs him anyway. You two pretty ladies have me, Shika, Kiba and Chouji!" Naruto’s voice was loud and it hurt everyone’s ears. A moment later, he too was defending his head against a vengeful fist. Mt. Ino and Mt. Sakura erupted at the same time.

"Don’t talk about Sasuke-kun like that!" they berated. Both Naruto and Shikamaru sank deeper into the carpet, wishing the floor would swallow them. Kiba laughed. If Chouji hadn’t passed out half an hour before, he probably would have too.

"Hey, let’s play a game," Sakura said a few minutes later, after her drunken mind forgot about Shikamaru and Naruto’s former outbursts. They all groaned. They’d already played Twister, which had ended in disaster, and two drinking games (Naruto won both of the latter, and the former was discarded when Ino smacked Kiba for ‘accidently’ groping Hinata’s calf. The girl had left soon after with Neji, Shino and a few others, her face as red as a strawberry.)

"Oh c’mon. Everyone plays Truth or Dare at parties!" she said. They all perked up. This might be fun. Ino went to her kitchen to retrieve four more bottles of sake, passing them out to everyone but Sakura, who was still working on her current one.

"Okay! Let’s go!" Sakura clapped her hands excitedly. "I go first!"

Shikamaru inched away from the knee-high table they were kneeling at, pressing his back against the couch behind him in an effort to look as small as possible.

"Alright, Kiba-kun, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Sakura pouted.

"Aw, c’mon, say truth!" Kiba scowled.

"Why should I? I’m a man, I can take any dare you lay on me!" He pounded his chest for emphasis. Naruto hid his smile behind the rim of his cup.

"Alright alright. Hm. Oh! I dare you to go to the drug store and buy…. Condoms!" Ino rolled her eyes.

"No, make him buy lube! The guy who works the night shift down there knows him, it’ll be funny!" The blonde grinned as Kiba paled, then blushed. They all knew the boy who worked the night shift had no qualms against either gender. He liked to call himself an ‘equal opportunity lover’. Kiba’s hands started to shake.

"Oh yes, priceless. Kiba-kun, I dare you to go to the corner store and buy lube!" Sakura said, laughing uproariously at her own joke. Ino and Naruto joined her, while Shikamaru hid his smile to look on Kiba in pity. The dog-boy’s pride seemed to have deflated.

"I should have picked truth," he muttered. "Alright! I’ll be back in a minute!"

"Oh no you don’t! We’re coming with you!" Ino managed to stumble to her feet through her drunken haze. Naruto laughed, jumped to his feet, and helped Sakura stand too. Shikamaru grumbled before hoisting himself up. Kiba’s entire body was starting to shake. Whether it was from his nervousness or from the sake, Naruto couldn’t tell. The blonde grinned. Poor guy.

Slowly, carefully, they all made their way down the street, stumbling and laughing. When they reached the store Kiba gathered up his courage and walked in, went into the designated isle, and walked to the counter with his purchase.

Ino snickered. "Poor sucker." The four were looking in through the store’s front windows. They grinned as the cashier, a teen about a year older than them, rang up the item, struggling to keep the corners of his lips from arching upward. After Kiba had paid for the item, he grinned and wished Kiba a pleasant evening, telling him to come back and see him at a later time. Swaying, Kiba dashed from the store, barely coherent enough to open the glass door before he smashed into it. The group burst out in laughter as he dropped the paper bag from quivering fingers.

"S-stop laughing! That wasn’t funny! He was looking at me like a piece of meat!" Kiba shouted. Naruto struggled with his grin as he wrapped an arm around the dog-boy’s shoulders.

"Well then, I guess the lube wont go to waste, now will it?" the blonde said cheekily. Everyone laughed harder. Kiba punched him.

Naruto was still grinning as he rubbed his cheek.

"Alright, laugh at me you idiot. Truth or Dare, Naruto?" Naruto straightened.

"Dare," he said confidently, and then suddenly wished he hadn’t. Kiba’s drunken expression screamed ‘revenge’ for his earlier comment.

"Well then," the brunet picked up his dropped bag and shoved it at Naruto. "You might need this."

The grin he was giving Naruto scared him shitless.


"Kiba, what are we doing in front of Sasuke-kun’s house?" Ino seemed to be having trouble remembering why they were outside at all. Shikamaru was standing beside her and had been forced to catch her twice as they walked to ensure her face didn’t kiss pavement. Sakura wasn’t doing too much better, never having been one to hold her liquor well. Naruto had a hand on her shoulder to hold her steady, but was secretly wishing he could turn tail and run. Why were they at the Uchiha’s? And why would he need lube? He didn’t like the connections he made with those two thoughts.

Kiba grinned and gestured to the small house. He held the bag in his hand after Naruto had thrown it at him.

"Alright Naruto, be a man. Get into Sasuke’s house and smooch him!"

Naruto’s face deadpanned, then twisted in horror. Shikamaru, unbidden, burst out in laughter. Kiba wasn’t hiding his grin. That was, until his head was pummeled six times by two furious women.

"No way! Sasuke-kun is not to be kissed by anyone but me!" At this point, both girls turned glares to one another. They were both high-ranking members of the SING/SKING (Sasuke/Sasuke-kun Is Not Gay) club.

"No way you’re getting me to kiss that bastard!!" Kiba’s scowl faded as he rubbed his head.

"First off, if you don’t, you have to pay a penalty. Hmm.. I think the penalty will be… you dancing naked in the middle of the square for the next week to ‘Barbie Girl’ and ‘Hollaback Girls’." He snickered. "I looked it up, you’ll be in jail for three days for every hour you’re there for disturbing the peace and the likes."

Naruto’s face paled (if possible) even more. The village would never let him live it down. On the other hand, it was just these guys here now, and they probably wouldn’t even remember their own name by morning, and Sasuke… well, the bastard could rot.

"Secondly," and this time he turned to the girls, who were grinning at the idea of Naruto’s embarrassment concerning the penalty game. "This way, Sasuke-kun can see how awesome girls are and come running to one of you!" He smiled. Ino and Sakura looked at each other then squealed, happy with the idea.

"He’ll come to me and say ‘Oh, Sakura-chan, it was so wrong of me to ignore you! I love you! Marry me!’" The pink-haired girl giggled and hugged herself as Ino spoke much the same thing, although ‘Ino-chan’ was put in place of Sakura’s name. Both nodded.

"Yoshi!" they agreed. Kiba’s grin was decidedly wolfish as he turned back to Naruto. He shoved the bag at him again and winked.

"In case things get good," he said. Shikamaru was telling himself how troublesome this was even as he smirked. Naruto sputtered.

"No way!"

"Yes way!" Kiba pushed him up to the front door, gestured for the others to hide, which they did in a near-by hedge of trees.

Naruto looked at his watch.

"Oh, look at the time, its nearly 11! He’s probably asleep by now, so we should just go back and-" He was cut off as Kiba pounded hard on the front door. He squeaked as he heard footsteps. Kiba saluted him and jumped off to the bushes.

"Yo, Kiba, what happens if he chickens out?" Shikamaru couldn’t care less, but he decided to ask anyway. A rough hand clapped his back. He turned to see Kiba’s eyes glittering devilishly. Oh Shit.

"That’s what you’re here for, bud."

Please, gods please, don’t chicken out, Naruto, Shikamaru thought nervously.

Naruto didn’t have time to run as the door was pulled open to reveal a casual Sasuke in comfortable pants. He was frighteningly topless. He could hear the wet sound as Sakura and Ino drooled on the grass.

"What do you want, dobe?" Naruto straightened his resolve at the tone of voice. He wouldn’t give up! He’d give the bastard a quick peck and then run for his life, hoping he could outrun an enraged Uchiha. But first, he needed an excuse for being there.

"Do you… um… have a garbage can?" The group in the bushes deadpanned. Idiot.

Sasuke rose a brow at the bag clenched between two white-knuckled hands.

"You can all the way to my house to use my garbage can?" he asked, his voice dark. Naruto nodded.

"Uh. Yeah." LAME! "I have to throw this bag out. I… ahh.. threw up in it."

Sasuke glanced at the bag. He noticed how the fingers seemed to grip something solid, not unlike a tube of some sort. Lotion? Face wash? Either way, it wasn’t vomit. He looked back up at the blonde, who was shifting nervously. Snorting, he held out his hand.

"I’ll take it." Naruto’s eyes widened and he backed up a step.

"NO!" Sasuke raised a brow.

"I mean.. I uh, would rather do it myself. It… uh… it smells bad."

Was the idiot blushing?! Sasuke held back his smirk as he opened his front door wider, letting the Uzumaki step in. The blonde immediately raced for the kitchen after kicking off his shoes. Polite before safe, it can be supposed. Curious, Sasuke closed his door and followed.

Swearing, the group of four outside the house hurried to the next set of bushes, this one outside the kitchen window, to watch. Kiba’s drunken grin couldn’t be washed away, not even by the twenty gallons of drool that currently lay puddled in their last hiding place, courtesy of Ino and Sakura. Shikamaru grumbled as the other teens dragged him along.

Sasuke entered the kitchen just as Naruto found the trash bin. He opened it with one hand as the other griped the side of the bag for dear life. Just as he made to throw it in, the bottle slipped out and bounced lightly across the floor. To land at Sasuke’s feet.

Yelping, Naruto made a dive for it, just as Sasuke picked it up.

"This doesn’t look like bile, dobe," he said, reading the label. He smirked. Naruto shrank back in fear.

"I ah.. was just throwing it away.. and… uh.. I couldn’t… then… a dare… and, erm… I didn’t… and… ahh.. it’s not mine!" The blonde’s sputtering made Sasuke chuckle, as did the redness of the other’s face.

"Shit, Shika, yer up. Naruto’s wussing out." The shadow manipulator groaned in protest.

"No way, I can’t make him molest Sasuke," he whispered, careful not to let the girls overhear. They were both staring inside the house intently.

"Use Ino as a prop in place of Sasuke, she’s just about the right height!" Kiba hissed. Shika blinked. Gods, the bastard was drunk. "If you don’t, I’ll tell Temari all about how you wept like a baby after she swept the floor with you last summer!"

Horrified, Shikamaru glared, mouth agape. Finally, he shut it.

"Ino, c’mere," he grunted. He cast his jutsu out, standing behind a tree as it took effect, watching inside the window carefully. "There’s a better view by this tree," he bribed. Kiba gave him a thumbs up.

Naruto couldn’t move. Actually, he could, but not by his own will.

"What the fuck?!" he yelped. Sasuke watched him intently as he moved forward jerkily.

"Are you drunk?" the brunet asked.

"NO! I mean… wait, yes I am! Very drunk! I think I’m going to pass out!"

If I’m drunk I can blame all my actions on the alcohol!

Sasuke snorted.

"You’re a horrible liar, idiot." He was watching the blonde wearily now as he took another step forward, coming a bit too close to Sasuke.

"Its not my fault, I didn’t- mmphh!"


To say Sasuke was surprised was an understatement. One moment, the blonde idiot was babbling about something and the next his lips were pressed against his own, warm and soft. Startled, the pale teen made to move backwards, only to have strong arms wrap around his hip and shoulders. Naruto was muttering something against his lips.

Trapped, Sasuke stood for a moment, taking in the situation. He felt his blood take one full, warm rotation throughout his entire body, settling weirdly in his stomach as the other’s lips moved against his own persistently.

"It’s working, just a little longer!" Kiba whispered. Ino seemed too drunk to notice Shikamaru was kissing her, and Sakura too engrossed in Sasuke to notice her friend’s unfocused mind. Shikamaru grunted and redoubled his efforts. The sooner Kiba was satisfied, the better off he was. Ino was going to kill him.

When the caresses along his lips didn’t stop, and he found he couldn’t move against the blonde’s arms, Sasuke growled, then moved his lips against the other’s, his tongue darting out to stroke the lower lip. Naruto squawked in surprise even as his fingers moved to tangle themselves in soft black hair. Sasuke’s arms wrapped around him, moving closer as he tilted his head, his tongue peeking into the cavern of Naruto’s mouth as the blonde gasped. Groaning, the victim relaxed in defeat, opening his mouth for Sasuke to explore.

"You taste like, sake," Ino muttered incoherently. She turned to the window and then began to laugh. Shikamaru helped her to the ground as he released his jutsu. Kiba was having trouble withholding his whoop of glee. Sakura had passed out next to him.

"What happened?" Shikamaru asked.

"Sasuke just put the moves on Naruto and the idiot’s just giving into him! Its priceless, I wish I had a camera!" The canine-lover whispered excitedly. Shikamaru rolled his eyes as Ino fell asleep on his shoulder.

"Let’s go back, Naruto’s going to kill us enough as it is, he wouldn’t want us watching. We already have enough blackmail for years anyway," the shadow-manipulator said. Grinning hugely, Kiba nodded and picked up Sakura. The two boys, girls in hand, fled.

Sasuke grunted as Naruto relaxed, pulling his body flush against his own. The blonde responded with a groan as Sasuke’s tongue skipped over his own, enticing it to play. He distantly noted he could move again, if he didn’t count how weak his legs had gotten. Because of this (and this was the only reason why) he was forced to use Sasuke as support as he shyly touched his tongue to Sasuke’s, sending a jolt straight to his gut. The brunet shuddered; apparently he had enjoyed it too.

With a growl, the Uchiha had Naruto against the kitchen wall to his left, pushing his lean body against the shorter one before him, pressing it into the wall. Naruto muttered something about stupid shadows as his head hit the wall, sending sparks in front of his eyes. Sasuke latched onto an exposed throat, his tongue dancing over his pulse, down the tendon, teeth brushing against the skin in promise of pain.

"Sasuke…don’t… stop…" Naruto could have sworn his voice sounded less like a mewl when it was in his throat. Sasuke growled and took a fold of skin on his neck between his teeth, his tongue tip brushing over it teasingly.

Long, pale fingers were currently racing up his back under his shirt in feather-light touches, caressing the groove of a spine, the taunt muscles over shoulderblades, the ripe muscles of his sides and over his ribs to run over hard-packed pecs. Hazily, Naruto groaned, turning to rest his cheek against Sasuke’s shoulder, exposing more skin for the Uchiha. He smelled of water in the moonlight, something silvery and dark and cold, but beautiful and serene. Absently, he inhaled again, sensing the deeper scent of something like black cherries, sweet and round.

Maybe he was drunk.

Sasuke shuddered at Naruto’s throaty praise, his hand moving upward to smooth over a firm chest and soft nipples. Smiling discretely, he rubbed a thumb over one, pleased with the gasp it caused. Naruto’s fingers bit into his back, pressing him closer. The Uchiha’s smile widened against tan skin. He repeated the gesture, moving to take the fragile skin over the blonde’s collarbone between his teeth, rolling it and pulling on it gently. He was pleased with the results: Naruto’s spine arching into him, in turn making him straighten his own back, stiffen his hips, and press them forward to pin the blonde’s own more firmly against the wall.

Naruto’s gut jolted at the steel buck that clamped his waist against the kitchen wall. His throat clenched. There was a moan and it took him a moment to realize it had come from his own mouth. It was then he felt something warm and firm against the muscle high on his thigh, resting discreetly against his cargo pants.

Gods, Sasuke was hard? The guy was a frickin’ icicle, how did his blood get warm enough to support a hard-on? It was impossible. Thus, his brain threw the idea out the window. He just had funny pants on, that’s all.

Sasuke roughly moved his free hand, the one not holding the tube that lay forgotten in his fingers, to thread through silky blonde hair, grabbing and pulling it forward to further expose that smooth throat, drinking in the sight of his adam’s apple and the rough tendons that stood stark in the light. His breath puffed heavily onto the tan throat, the tip of his tongue dancing lightly against the skin as he moved upward, stopping at full lips. Gently, he rubbed his tongue against the lower lip, then pressed his own to its moist surface. Naruto sagged further against the wall, his tongue emerging from between his teeth to prod at the Uchiha’s slightly open mouth. Sasuke growled and Naruto, even in his daze, registered the aggression and made to defy its warning. Moving forward slightly, his teeth soundly grasped Sasuke’s lower lip, nipping it purposefully.

Sasuke was shocked, but aroused by the gesture, his guard loosening just enough for Naruto to slip his tongue into his mouth. There it danced over his teeth, then dipped slightly to touch against his own.

Sasuke’s second growl was feral. He tightened his arms around the blonde, pulling him flush against his body and moving to push him against the countertop next to the wall, forcing his back to bend against the pressure. He dropped the tube in his hand onto the counter in favor of leaning forward and putting that hand against a cupboard behind Naruto’s head. He was suddenly grateful for the broad countertops he had. Naruto had stopped kissing him and it was a task Sasuke continued for him without prologue.

The Uchiha placed both hands on the cupboards and leaned forward, pressing his bare chest to the shirt he had wrinkled and applying force. Naruto leaned further back. The brunet was silently pleased as he pushed the rest of his body forward, crushing small hips against the edge of the counter. Abruptly he used his right hand to grasp the blonde’s thigh, lifting it high.

The muscles in Naruto’s leg tensed and he wriggled in an attempt to back away from that warm scent and the hot flesh that was caressing him. The thigh, in the attempt, moved to embrace Sasuke’s hip as the blonde used it for leverage to get into the countertop.

Sasuke growled and lunged closer, holding the leg to his side even as Naruto made to pull it away. His lips ground roughly against swollen ones, his tongue a glowing hot coal on the other’s. He stood as close as he could, leaning forward to snake a hand over Naruto’s strong hip bone. He dragged his nails across it harshly, but in a whisper of a rasp. He was pleased at the scrunched face Naruto made under his tongue and lips and intense, burning eyes as he watched and felt.


The blonde’s breath hitched in his throat at the husky timbre that murmured his name.

"W-what?" He groaned as Sasuke’s hips thrust themselves into his, his mouth suddenly open in a silent scream of surprise and pleasure. Gods, when had his pants become funny like Sasuke’s?

"It’s-" he gasped. "A jutsu." Sasuke pushed himself closer, pressing their stomachs together and bunching up Naruto’s shirt even more.

"W-w-" There was a breathless pant. "What are you talking about?" The blonde still had his hands tangled in dark locks, impossibly stuck. He opened his foggy blue eyes to see the Sharingan sparking within Sasuke’s eyes. The brunet’s lips were parted as he panted, his chest gleaming slightly and his brow furrowed as though he was working especially hard at something.

Struggling to bring back his awareness, Naruto sat up clumsily, pulling at his shirt. Something jerked and suddenly he was topless.

"What the he-" Sasuke’s lips ate his word, swallowing it down without missing a beat. Suddenly the brunet was on the counter with him, pushing him against the cabinets with a renewed vigor. Naruto couldn’t protest if he wanted to. Not that he didn’t want to, because this demanding… needy Sasuke scared him. The length of the Uchiha’s lean body lay over his, muscles rippling where their flesh touched.

Hastily, Naruto untangled his fingers from the soft, dark hair, throwing away the shirt that had tangled around his wrists (It landed in the sink), and nervously skimmed his fingers over the other’s back, fingertips ghosting warm breath over shivering muscle that was wound tight as a spring. It tensed as he began to caress the shoulder blades and moved down to the small of Sasuke’s back slowly, pausing at the small dip there to thumb circles over the flesh.

"S-stop…" Naruto nearly did pause when Sasuke spoke, his voice was so lusty and uncertain, touched with strain. However, the abrupt thrust against his hips made him lose coherent thought as his erection was ground into an equally hard one.

Sasuke moaned. This wasn’t possible. It was a genjutsu, it had to be! But no, these mewling sounds scraping over Naruto’s tongue were no illusion. Sasuke’s own labored breathing was no trick. But he could feel the jutsu eat at his body, burning all of his energy into lust. His tool gave a hearty throb and through the haze his Sharingan saw Chakra lace over his stomach, being sucked over it and meeting, battling with the Chakra of something fierce that burned over Naruto’s own member. Red Chakra intertwined with his, then led it away, crawling up into Naruto’s stomach, where it disappeared, licked away by the dark ink on the blonde’s pectorals.

Moving forward, Sasuke brushed his lips over the skin, which jumped at his touch. His closed his eyes and as he did so felt his Sharingan dissipate. Whatever it was that was eating away his Chakra was doing so at a frightening pace. He sighed and nipped at the blackened flesh in his anguish. In retaliation Naruto bucked, his arousal pushing into Sasuke’s chest.

The Uchiha moved upward, flicking a tongue abruptly at pert nipples, earning a yelp of surprise and pleasure. He blew on it, watching the skin tighten. Naruto groaned, a hand moving to pet down spikey black locks of hair.

"Sa.. Sasuke…" The darkness borne of lust in the tenor voice made Sasuke quiver and jerk his hips forward, stopping the sinful voice that made his member pulse with want.

"What?" he growled in agitation. But somehow he had a feeling it sounded just as lustful as Naruto’s had a moment before. Judging by the blonde’s breath suddenly hitching, he was probably right.

"I-I… I want it… please…" The whimpers coming from that soft mouth made Sasuke battle ravishing him right there on the countertop. But he was an Uchiha. He had control.

His blood surged in excitement at those words, heading directly southward. He groaned.

Okay, maybe he didn’t have 100% of the control, but he would. He could overcome this jutsu.

His cock jumped as it rubbed enticingly against Naruto’s.

Alright then! He would just have to use it to his advantage! He was an elite, he could handle this.

His mind went wicked as to just how he could use this to his advantage. Just think, the dobe, under him, writhing and begging. What could be better?

Shoving his cock up that tight ass, that’s what.

He moaned aloud without meaning to. He opened his eyes, glaring down at the idiot that had done this to him. Somehow, he knew it was Naruto’s fault. The other had his eyes closed, his mouth open slightly as he panted, but his body was ridged with masculine lust.

"What do you want?" he asked huskily, leaning down to breathe in the cone of the blonde’s ear as he shifted and moved so that they were laying atop the counter, Naruto flat on his back. He was unable to stop his own hips from grinding down onto Naruto’s as he spoke, and that ear just begged to be taken between his teeth. Instead, he nibbled beneath it, latching his lips onto the skin and lapping away at the scent that was distinctly Naruto’s, consuming it with his lips and tongue.

The blonde gasped, then growled as his attention wavered, his nails scrapping down the taunt back. How dare that prick try to take advantage of him?! He bit back a pleasured sound as those soft lips rubbed a bruise onto his throat. He wouldn’t let Sasuke get the better of him!

"I… I want to fuck you…" he replied harshly, nipping the shoulder placed deliciously close to his sharp fang-like teeth. The Uchiha merely shuddered; not exactly what the blonde was expecting. He had bitten pretty hard too.

Sasuke began to chuckle as he worked on that spot on Naruto’s neck, making it larger and distinctly visible, then proceeded to darken it. He shifted his hips slightly, bringing them away from his teammate’s own. Without a thought he brought them crashing down again, forcefully grinding it low, then upward, letting up on the strength as he went, before pulling away again.

"Fuck me? No, I don’t think so…"

Naruto moaned. Gods that had felt so good.

"How about I fuck you?" Naruto could do little more but pant for a moment. Sasuke wasn’t much better, judging by the hot breaths against his neck.

"How about-" He swallowed. "You stop talking and get on with it then?"

With speed that was his trademark, Sasuke had his lips firmly planted on Naruto’s, opening them for his tongue so that it might explore the contours of those delightfully sharp teeth. He pulled away, keeping his lips mere centimeters away from Naruto’s.

"How about you beg me for it, dobe…"

Those bright blue eyes shot open, laced with something darker and feral.

"Fuck you, bastard."

Sasuke mock-sighed, his black eyes dancing in sadistic pleasure. His lips twitched into a smirk.

"We already discussed this dobe, you’re getting fucked."

His hand went up to flick a finger over an exposed nipple. Naruto hissed at him.

"I’m not begging," he growled. Sasuke chuckled, letting one hand slide down to cup the hot organ that so desperately vied for attention in the blonde’s pants. He slid his fingertips over the clothed tip, making Naruto shudder, but he held back that pleasured sound Sasuke wanted to drown in.

"I’ll make you scream," the brunet whispered in his ear. He chuckled at the growl that reverberated from Naruto’s chest to his.

"Then I’ll make you cum." He palmed the erection at his disposal, his own throbbing as he felt it pulse in his hand. He kissed Naruto, swallowing any argument he might have come up with. It was full of lust, promise, and just a hint of sadistic pleasure underneath. Oh, Sasuke was going to enjoy this.

Naruto’s mind couldn’t register a proper retort to those words, so deeply seated in his bliss as he was when they parted from the kiss. He merely keened as the hand slipped deeper, the strokes speeding up just slightly.

Smirking, Sasuke moved his free hand above his busy one, tracing downward along the planes of Naruto’s body before dipping the fingertips below the pant line. There he pulled on it in suggestion and gave the blonde’s erection an especially beautiful stroke that had his hips lifting upward. Quick as lightning Sasuke had those troublesome pants unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled away from the tan flesh underneath. They landed somewhere near the refrigerator.

Sasuke was very unsurprised to find orange boxers with red swirls on them underneath. But he had expected them to be cotton, not silk. It was no wonder why Naruto was enjoying himself so much.

As Sasuke observed the blonde’s choice of garments, he didn’t notice (for all his hard-earned ninja skills. Pathetic of him, really) when Naruto’s hand moved to his throat, dancing over his skin to tickle the suppressed cursed seal that lie there.

Sasuke gasped involuntarily. His eyes moved to Naruto’s own, large and disbelieving. The lust in those dusky blue depths, coupled with a meaningful touch against his seal, had him moaning shallowly.

Two can play at that game.

Sasuke bared his teeth, his eyes narrowing. He could feel that… thing pull at his Chakra, but he ignored it. He summoned Chakra to his fingertips, electric little bits that spat over the pads of his fingers. His snarl turned to a grin, malicious, but still a grin, as his hand lowered to trace Naruto’s seal much the same way the dobe was doing to him. The results were satisfying.

Naruto howled. He bared his fangs, tightened his stomach, and ground his free hand’s nails into Sasuke’s side, drawing blood. Sasuke couldn’t help but grin wider as the warm-hot fingers on his seal pressed down, tingling through his body deliciously. He continued tickling fingertips, blue-white with five small, pecking Chidori’s, over the seal with what most would call almost Orochimaru-equivalent sadism.

Naruto arched brilliantly, his jaw dropping open as he squeezed his eyes shut, soaking in the thrum that bathed the seal so pleasurably. His cock jumped in Sasuke’s palm.

The Kyuubi fucking purred.

Naruto gave a strangled whimper as Sasuke bent down to nibble on his neck, the side opposite of the hickey, and began to mark him again. The brunet bit down, hard enough for Naruto to semi-snarl. He would have snarled, if that fucking hand between his legs didn’t dive to caress his tightening balls. How could the bastard be so good at this?

Using his hips, Sasuke maneuvered Naruto’s leg into a position he was satisfied with, and then proceeded to grind it with his crotch, unable to do anything else to relieve the tension that had blossomed between his thighs. He groaned into the blonde’s damp neck, then bit down hard again in disgust for the sound. Naruto bucked into his hand.

Naruto struggled to remain coherent. Something in his brain was screaming at him. 

Fuck him... fuck his genius brains out of that pretty face...

Naruto moaned as Sasuke’s hand tickled the place where the seal ended just below his navel. It came in contact with his shorts, that cursable hand had, but didn’t seem interested in moving. The pad of a finger ran crests of tingling pleasure where it lie.

Naruto grit his teeth, opened his eyes, and glared. He wasn’t going to be outdone by this horny bastard. But he found no plan that could be used to turn the tables, to set things on his side, with him in charge.

That is, until he saw his right hand, still absently caressing that fucking Cursed Seal. Rage bubbled up within him, Chakra burning at the roots of his hair and tingling at the tips of his fingers and toes.

Sasuke stopped his grinding. He could feel that power, sucking at him, eating him alive in a way that was so painfully good. He swallowed a mewl, latching his mouth onto the dark purple mark that had been etched onto that dark skin in front of his nose and sucked. Naruto didn’t seem to register it as the hand on Sasuke’s shoulder pulled it forward and two teethfangneedles scorched his skin.

Sasuke was frozen, his eyes bleeding Sharingan, his mouth gaping, and eyes impossibly wide. The world swirled back to that forest, the first chuunin exam, when everything had Changed for him.

Naruto growled, the spike of Chakra at his teeth slithering under Sasuke’s skin, making the Cursed Seal ripple as his did when the Kyuubi was fighting its host for control to save their lives.

Sasuke more than mewled, he wailed in pleasure. It was so different; there was no pain, only hot, delicious Chakra seeping into his blood, tangling with his body, spreading the lusty warmth that had begun to engulf him when Naruto had kissed him the first time that night and encouraging it to swallow him whole. And it did. It bred and intermingled and reproduced and spread. His mind lost what little control he had.

Naruto’s teeth sunk in harder as Sasuke began to make noises that sounded strangely like begging. Something instinctual was happening, his Chakra dancing over Sasuke’s skin, caressing every inch of his body, exposed or not. Naruto felt as though he had memorized Sasuke’s planes before he even touched them.

Sasuke moved, but Naruto took no notice, sucking on the wound he had created, drawing out the poisons that the fucking Snake had drained into Sasuke’s neck when he had bitten the Uchiha. Sasuke was his now.

Sasuke growled and moved his hips to thrust downward, moving his hand away to flick a nipple with the same Chakra-Chidori buzz the other held. Naruto bit harder. Sasuke hissed. He could feel the power racing through his blood in a way that made his member heat impossibly warm.

Naruto opened his eyes, ones that he had not known he had even closed, and saw that black, inky seal swirling, alighting in Technicolor, but never breaking free of the seal around it, the one that imprisoned it. It still pissed him off.

With his free hand, Naruto allowed some part of the Rasengan to form, to bubble over his palm the way it would have when he first began learning it, sans the balloon. With a growl, one that hummed through his Chakra, that made Sasuke arch into him as he pressed their groins together, Naruto slapped his palm over that seal and sank his teeth into that soft flesh even further.

Sasuke screamed. It was the only way to describe the wailing, howling, yelping, keening sound that erupted from his lips. The same sound Naruto wanted to cum to. The blonde pressed his hand down further, letting his Chakra do the work.

Sasuke panted, shuddering under the pain and the pleasure. The blonde’s Chakra already licked every square inch of his body, burning him from the outside in. Great balls of fire. Pun intended.

At the back of his throat, Sasuke could taste the Chakra, like bile creeping up from his stomach slowly, only less acidic, more of an ozone flavor, fresh and clean. His gut spazimed and made to convulse, shooting to his groin as his balls tightened and…

Naruto let go, his tongue coming out to calmly lick away the stray droplets of blood and his hand moving to caress the seal more tenderly, without the Chakra layer between skin. He felt the whimper in Sasuke’s throat through his tongue, but never heard it. No, he heard nothing, but he felt the hand suddenly pressing his shoulders down, angrily. No, furiously. He looked up to the Sharingan and the most rage-infested expression he had ever seen on Sasuke. It was nothing in comparison to the time he had watched the brunet and Itachi interact. No, this was pure, lustful, outrage. Nothing quite like the rage of a man denied his orgasm

His head slammed on the countertop painfully and he winced.

Sasuke didn’t know what to be angry about more. Without that Chakra in his neck, mixing with his blood, he felt deprived, starved even. He should be upset for that. Then the pressure on his seal had fallen away, seconds before his orgasm. Yes, he was very upset over that. To top it off, the blonde had actually had control over him! The uke trying to overturn the seme! Outrageous!

He growled. "I’m going to fuck you now you stupid moron, and gods, you are going to fucking scream. My. Name. Got it?"

Naruto just nodded as the mini Chidori’s on his stomach intensified, more than tickling his skin, but burning it in that warm, painful way. He moaned and painfully dug his fingers into the tough flesh of Sasuke’s shoulders aggressively.

Sasuke didn’t care if this was a jutsu or whatever, he was going to win. He wouldn’t let that little defiance from Naruto go unpunished. Without further ado he pressed harder on the seal with his Chakra-laced hand, using it for balance as he ripped off the blonde’s boxers with the other. They landed on the refrigerator this time, glaring at them from across the room.

Naruto took his lead, pulling the draw-strings on the Uchiha’s pants and rolling the fabric downward to bunch at the brunet’s ankles, where they were kicked away to land on the table in the middle of the room. Underneath was nothing but pale, unmarked skin. It figured that Sasuke would be the type to go commando.

Sasuke was still growling, his mouth latching on to Naruto’s lips, his tongue vicious in the blonde’s mouth, sucking the breath out and drinking the wetness away, pulling the tongue out to trap between his teeth where he could play with it at his leisure.

Suddenly, Sasuke pulled away, dragging Naruto down and off the counter with him. The floor felt cold and wobbly beneath his unsteady legs.

"Sa’ke, wha…?"

"I’m not fucking you on top of my counter, it’s disgusting," Sasuke growled. Naruto was having trouble standing. Of course, Sasuke turning him around and pushing his shoulders into the warm counter they had just abandoned remedied it.

"We’re still fucking on your counter," Naruto said and he struggled to get his arms under his body to support himself. It was too hot in this damn house.

"Shut up." Sasuke’s voice was decidedly raspy and coarse, strained to the point of breaking. Naruto didn’t care, so he didn’t ask.

Sasuke moved forward, pressing his body against Naruto’s back, groaning when his cock met the cleft of the blonde’s ass. He shifted so it thrust between strong thighs, knocking against the other’s balls and the base of his dick, stimulating the empty space between balls and the ring of muscles.

Naruto moaned. His vision became blurry, but not before something caught his eye. Dammit, he just wanted to cum! Growling, he reached out, grabbing the object, and shoved it back into Sasuke’s chest.

"Fucking do it already," he snapped. His voice sounded lusty to even his own ears. The tube was ripped from his hand. He heard the top pop open, listened to the substance being squeezed out of it. His stomach tightened.

Sasuke could barely contain himself. His free hand threw the tube back onto the counter and began caressing the tough rounds of muscle. The muscle that was going to clench around him, so tightandwetandhot. He bit back his pleasure and struggled to keep his orgasm at bay. The idiot would cum before he did, he would make sure of it.

The Uchiha coated himself, being sure to make it as professional as possible to deter further stimulation. Growling under his breath, the slicked hand moved around to drag a finger down the crack of that ass, causing a gasp as the cool fluid met with Naruto’s heated skin. He smirked at that.

Sasuke reached down in front with his other hand, dragging the rough pads of his fingers over the wet tip of Naruto’s cock, making him whimper. He dragged them downward, tracing the thick, bulging vein underneath gently.

Naruto thrust forward.

Sasuke slipped a finger into his ass.

Naruto yelped, a noise Sasuke was used to from their various battles together. It usually happened when he landed directly on his tailbone. It always made Sasuke smirk then, but now it made him scowl. He moved forward, his back pressed against Naruto’s, his mouth close to the red, blushing cheek.

The Uchiha watched the blonde’s reaction as one hand grabbed his cock and the other thrust another finger into the slickening passage below it. The tan face twisted slightly, but in pain or pleasure, Sasuke couldn’t decipher. He growled.

"Soon, this is going to be my cock," he whispered huskily into the ear, nuzzling the dark marking under it. The muscles surrounding his digits tightened beautifully well. He gave an especially rough thrust and suddenly, Naruto was screeching. His mouth fell open, his breath coming in pants, his chest heaving. Thick nails dug into the countertop, but Sasuke ignored it to press Naruto’s trembling legs forward, stilling them between his own pale legs and the counter. He smirked.


Sasuke was happy to discover that the stealth exercise involving stealing Kakashi’s porno collection was good for something besides blatantly expressing his superior capabilities. Tsunade-sama had been pleased when he gave them to her, although not until after he himself had inspected them. To be sure they weren’t fakes, of course.

It was the jutsu. All the jutsu’s fault. At least, that’s what he told himself.

And suddenly, he really hoped that Kakashi hadn’t let him steal the Icha Icha Paradise series on purpose when he had taken those too (just to be sure Tsunade hadn’t meant those as well. She hadn’t, so he had… detained them until they could be returned). Surely by now he realized they were missing… it had been nearly six hours…

Naruto made a noise somewhere between a snarl and a beg, bringing Sasuke back to reality. The blonde was pressing backward, struggling to impale the long pale fingers on that sensitive nerve that sent his body into something he could only describe as electric. Sasuke’s smirk widened. There was a tingle of energy in those fingertips, the same kind that had been so wonderful against his seal, and it made Naruto purr. When they were pressed to his prostate, he melted. Sasuke squeezed the base of his cock, refusing to allow the blonde to cum as he so desperately wanted to. The blonde whimpered in a way Sasuke would have thought was pathetic… if it wasn’t a whimper that just begged Sasuke to do it again. Instead, the Uchiha hid his grin in the wire-tight flesh of Naruto’s shoulder, which twitched as his tongue slipped out to touch it.

"You haven’t screamed my name yet, dobe," he murmured. Naruto’s throat convulsed in a noise that could have been a retort or a whine. Sasuke didn’t try to figure it out. His hand left the straining cock, fingernails brushing roughly over inner thighs, scratching them enough to faintly draw blood, upward, upward… Naruto bit his lip to keep from whimpering as the nails stopped too soon.

"Sasuke…" The brunet’s blood swept hot and gleeful through his veins. Gods, the idiot was so fucking hot.

"What… Naruto?" The name slid off his tongue in a voice he knew was seductive. Once, on a mission, he had used it on an enemy kunoichi, who had proceeded to have a nosebleed and fall unconscious. Naruto merely threw his head back and gasped.

"Just… do it…"

Sasuke nipped the base of his neck, teeth working upward until his nose was buried in soft golden hair. His free hand scratched a pattern not unlike an Uchiha fan on the inside of the demon-vessel’s thigh.

"What do you say when you want something, dobe?" Sasuke’s fingers curled slightly, coming close, but never touching the nerve Naruto so desperately wanted to be touched. The mini Chidori’s made his passage lax with pleasure. Every muscle in his backside sagged in blissful relaxation.

"Pah… pah…" Naruto bit his lip. Pride or pleasure? Fuck, that was a hard choice… Oh fuck… he really wanted a fuck… a hard fuck…

"Please," he whispered. He could feel Sasuke grin. The hand went back to the base of his cock, squeezing as he pushed the fingers on the nerve fully. Naruto choked on his orgasmic scream when the hand tightened and he was once more denied his orgasm. He wanted to cry. What a bitch.

"You’re so… bastardly," he ground out. Sasuke bit his neck again.

"Say it right and I’ll fuck you right here into this counter," the brunet whispered.

"Please, Sasuke, just do it you jerk…" he bit out, trying to steady his breathing. He watched as a drop of sweat fell onto the kitchen floor.

"And what do you want me to do?" Sasuke pondered aloud. Naruto wanted to punch him, then jack off madly, go home, and leave Sasuke to clean up his cum. It would serve the bastard right.

"Stop teasing me and do it already!" Naruto growled.

"Do what?" The fingers were moving again, the lube offering them a perfect gliding surface. Naruto didn’t even notice up til then that a third finger had been added.

"You’re going to beg for it, moron," Sasuke reminded him. The Chakra-laced fingers came dangerously close to his prostate. Naruto gave up. He’d kick Sasuke’s ass tomorrow at practice, then afterward he’d take him home and fuck him senseless. He’d ask Kakashi-sensei, the perv would probably have some ideas for him.

"Please Sasuke, please fuck me," he said sarcastically. He could feel the silent laugh in Sasuke’s chest. Suddenly, the Chakra-fingers were gone, in their place was a large, hot organ that pulsed when the blonde clenched around it.

"Gah, don’t do that, dobe, you’ll make me cum," Sasuke growled. Naruto snickered breathlessly.

"Isn’t that the point?" he asked coyly, looking over his shoulder. He wasn’t above noticing the half a dozen marks dappling his shoulders, probably even more on his neck.

"Shut u~uhhh," Sasuke groaned as Naruto clenched his muscles again, which earned him a hearty slap on the ass. "Cut it out," Sasuke growled. Naruto just laughed. It died in his throat when Sasuke moved, pulling out slowly and thrusting in quickly. He moaned instead.

Sasuke could barely stand it. SohotandtightandwonderfulandNaruto. He groaned deep in his throat as the muscle sucked on his cock.

"Sa-Sasuke…" The brunet leaned forward to where Naruto had propped himself up on his elbows, shifting minutely so that Sasuke would have a better chance of hitting his prostate.

"Why aren’t you screaming?" the Uchiha asked harshly. "Do it, or I won’t let you cum." Naruto growled, but his half-lidded eyes said it was from hazy, lusty pleasure. Sasuke doubted he could even hear his words.

"Sasuke… Please… Fuck, Sasuke… motto… Kami-sama, motto Sasuke…" Sasuke took his ear in his teeth, tugged, then released it.

"No more until you scream."

"Hit the fucking thing and I will!" Naruto said, a bit too loud. Sasuke bit his earlobe, sucking on it, and shifted his position, thrusting hard.

"Sasuke! Again! Do it again!" The man in question complied, releasing the cock he had been holding to grip Naruto’s hips in a steely grip, the other hand moving to press a Chakra-blazing hand to the seal on Naruto’s stomach. He pounded. Again. Again. Again…

"Sasuke!" There was a breathless choke, a jerk of hips. Sasuke slammed again, the coil in his belly and deep in his balls releasing in time with Naruto’s. They sagged against the countertop.

With a quick hand sign, Sasuke teleported them to his room.


Ino was laughing madly in a way that had Shikamaru scared shitless. The blonde was kicking back yet another bottle of sake. He could have sworn it was something close to her fourth. He had long-ago given up to becoming the Designated Deity that remained fairly sober, putting some to bed (Chouji, after having woken from a dream where he could never have the last chip again), pulling others to the bathroom as they vomited (Sakura had managed to tangle her hair in the table’s leg at the exact moment her body revolted the alcohol. The other’s just laughed as Shikamaru swore. He’d need new shocks, seeing as his kept making a sticky sound when he walked.) and keeping the others from making themselves into something like fire hazards.

"What is so funny?" Kiba was kinda/sorta scowling, his dark eyes hazy with drunkenness. Ino giggled.

"Hey, it’s Naruto’s turn to choose one of us," Sakura said. There was something about the way she swayed from where she sat that made Shikamaru want to be sick, like the rolling of an unsteady boat. He hated boats.

"He’s not here, remember?" the shadow nin said with a snort. Sakura just blinked and murmured something about ‘dearest Sasuke-kun’ under her breath.

"Woman, stop laughing before I break your tongue!" Kiba growled. He was too drunk to be anything but whiney. Ino burst out in further laughter.

"Ino, what did you do?" Shikamaru asked with a sigh. He knew this behavior. It was similar to when the blonde did something to get the slip on Asuma-sensei or scored with Sasuke (he might have nodded at her, actually realizing she existed! Gasp! Shock! Instant death from sensory overload!). She grinned at him, showing a little too much teeth, the way Naruto did sometimes.

Speaking of the idiot… Shikamaru didn’t want to know how mangled the boy was. He’d visit him in the hospital in the morning with ramen or something as an apology.

"You know when we went to Sasuke-kun’s house?" she asked in a fugitive whisper. Kiba was listening carefully as the Nara nodded. Oh shit… this can’t be good.

"There was a woman in there!"

Shikamaru looked at Kiba. Judging by the blank expression on his face, the dog-lover didn’t know what the hell she was talking about either.

"I used a new technique on her and Naruto and made her molest that stupid idiot! She had the gall to walk around his house topless too! See how much Sasuke-kun wants her in his house now!"

At this, the blonde peeled with squeaky, girlish laughter that put nails on chalkboards to shame.

When Shikamaru looked over, he knew that Kiba’s pale, wide-eyed, shocked, freaking scared face was the mirror of his own.


It had been… gulp… Sasuke.

Shikamaru and Kiba left two minutes later, both claiming they had to pick up mission scrolls from Tsunade before dawn. Neither of the girls noticed it was nearly 1 in the morning and that dawn was still a good four hours off.

The boys fought over the week-long mission. Kiba got a broken nose for his trouble, but managed to beg a four-day mission off the pissed-off Hokage.



Naruto nuzzled deeper into the warmth around him, reveling in the softness of the sheets and the heat from the body next to him. There was a stickiness on his backside that was easily ignored. Having to deal with it wasn’t so bad. After all, Sasuke had to clean his countertop now. The blonde smirked.

Sasuke, drowzy as hell, grunted as his bedmate squirmed.

"Go to sleep, idiot," he muttered, half-lidded eyes struggling to stay open. The other stopped moving and the silence of the deep night overcame them. This strange tiredness made Sasuke uncomfortable, but he didn’t care. His Chakra felt all but drained from his system, burned away in the previous, vigorous activities of something like six minutes ago.

Sasuke was nearly asleep when Naruto’s voice, his smiling voice at that, brought him back to the surface of unconsciousness.

"Truth or Dare, Sasuke?"

The Uchiha shook away his sleep to growl.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto moved closer to him, face even with his and blue eyes, burned bright with moonlight, shone into the shadows of his own.

"We were playing truth or dare at the party. I was dared to kiss you and now I’m asking you: Truth or Dare?"

Sasuke raised a brow. "Your dare was to kiss me?"

"Yeah," the blonde said. His voice was low with quiet, a blissful release from his normally brash shouts.

"Where’d the lube come from?" the brunet asked, waking fully now and raising a brow. Naruto smiled at the memory.

"A dare for Kiba from Sakura," he said, snickering deeply. "They were all so plastered they couldn’t walk straight. Sakura and Ino barely beat him when he gave me my dare they were so wasted."

Sasuke licked his lips, recalling the flavor that washed over the taste of the blonde’s mouth. Sake.

"You were drinking as well," he pointed out.

"The perks of my metabolism."


Naruto moved closer, their noses close to brushing against each other.

"So," he said, his voice rumbling from deep in his chest. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," he said automatically. Naruto’s grin was devilish as he moved, quicker than a flash.

Somewhere in Sasuke’s mind, he had a feeling he’d come to regret that choice as Naruto rolled on top of him and kissed him.

EDIT!!! I fixed it! Stupid Shikamaru's prayer to the gods screwed it up, but now it's fixed, and you can read the stuff that got botched out by it, like Naruto's inner 'fuck his genius brains out of that pretty face' bit. dissapointed me to see that ya'll missed that! so yes, you might want to reread, get a better view of the parts that were screwed up. ^_^ and thanks to stillfindinggod for the help! made me focus on the problem right away!

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[User Picture]From: lazzchan
2006-07-10 02:45 am (UTC)

That was just...hehehhee..... some of the lines you had in there... XD This was a fabulous lemon and just...

keep up the good work!
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 04:18 am (UTC)
^_^ thank you so much! I will keep trying at this.
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[User Picture]From: stillfindinggod
2006-07-10 03:40 am (UTC)
:D....... Ah that was s- 8D.......... *adds her own 10 gallons of drool to the swimming pool of it outside of Sasuke's house*

Thank you for taking the time to write this. No really, thank you SO MUCH. I've written LONG sex scene's before and I realize how amazingly horny hard (XD) it must have been to finish this (cause starting is always the easy part DX) So yes, thank you sooooooo much for taking the time to write this!

Curse seal lovin = HAWT. 8DD...... *rereads*

Okay, you coppied this from word, no? Because I am almost positive that the last line was supposed to be put into italics for Shikamaru's thoughts (unless shika is AMAZINGLY perverted and thought that whole thing up 8D). Your formatting kinda exploded on you and made everything italics, but in light of the amazingly hot smut, who really cares? ^_^
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 04:22 am (UTC)
-weep- i JUST noticed that as I was replying to comments. I'm off to see what in the world happened, because some of those NEED to be in italics to make the tone just right. agg!!

but thank you so much! it was hard to end this. in fact, i was supposed to have one more scene with Kakashi reclaiming his books and Naruto topping Sasuke, but, alas, it never happened, because i didn't have the motivation to complete that thought. oh noes!

and yes, it was a copy and paste slop-job. it was on my Word and i stuck it in the LJ cut. ack! die fool! -kills LJ updating retardedness- why do you hate me?!
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(Deleted comment)
From: _emewd_
2006-07-10 04:23 am (UTC)
i laughed so loudly i got yelled at, and i laughed in such a way my family thinks i'm on drugs. AWESOME WORK!!!!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: miximel
2006-07-10 05:31 am (UTC)
Yeah. Ok. Hottest lemon i've read in a very, very, VERY long time. *pours bucket of cold water over her head* damn...but that was some crazy hot writing. Keep it up!

I mean...wow...
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 05:36 am (UTC)
thank you very much! ^_^ I try!

BTW: I adore your icon, its hotiful!

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[User Picture]From: kingofhearts445
2006-07-10 07:30 am (UTC)
u know, ive been playing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja all day today so i am highly disturbed right now

oh well, still interesting
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 01:21 pm (UTC)
Kenny! -hugs- you should be! especially since I am uber jealous that you HAVE N:un and *cough*glare* don't seem to be sharing with me. and hey, The warning was at the top, not my fault you're disturbed, ya didn't HAFTA read it buddy boy :P.
So glad to see old friends still read this journal [although it's turning into my writing journal now -headdeskwriggle-.
thank you!
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[User Picture]From: mija711
2006-07-10 08:26 am (UTC)
ok all I can say at this point is OH MY GAWD..*fans self* that was wickedly hot and smexy and funny..omg and when Ino realizes what she did? lmaooo serves her right darn it, and its ok Shika and Kiba...they LIKED IT, so dont think they will be killing you anytime soon lol, this was a really intese and very detailed lemon/ficcy, it was reawlly good and the whole chakra stimulatoin added with cursed seals was really really good..made me want to drool, but then I thought of Ino and Sakura and the drool they made all over Kiba and went ewwwwww..so I refrained, but was still fanning myself like crazy, ty ty ty for the awsome read, much huggles and smiles Mija...:-)
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 01:26 pm (UTC)
wow, Mija reviewed for me too! I feel so special! ^_^

Thank you so much for the praise! I'm going to try to pop out another smut piece by the end of the week, so look out for it. Beware, might not be as good because I don't have six months to reread and edit it a million times :P.

One day, I really hope I can write a sequel for this :P it was so much fun to write, although it stood half finished on my desktop for weeks before it was completed! Sasuke shoved him on and counter and I didn't know what else to do! not to mention my own embarrassment was rearing it's ugly head and sayting 'wtf possessed you to write this?' :P

Shika and Kiba should get beat for leaving. they like to watch I bet. wait... omgosh, lemon side-story anyone? I'm off to ponder the complications of that... :P

Thanks again! -huggles-
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From: montypythonoide
2006-07-10 10:10 am (UTC)
What a lemon! It's truly the lemonking out here! Wish I'd been there and could have peeked through the window. *adds to the drool-pool outside Sasuke's house*
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 01:27 pm (UTC)
Wow, Sasuke's house is going to flood! :P and Montypythonoide reviewed me too! -fuzzy with love- another author I quietly stalk is reviewing my piece with praise. I'm so happy!

Thank you so very much!
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[User Picture]From: xiaobai7988
2006-07-10 12:28 pm (UTC)
Guh. I was blushing hard after reading this. XD;; It's a great pwp~! LOOOVE the curse seals playing~ ;) (cause there are so little of sex-fics-involving-curse-seal-stimulation out there =_=)

And I love how you write the characters~ Both Sasuke and Naruto are very in-character during the...um, sex. XD; I love the fic more for that~! :D!!

*thumbs up* 8D I'll loove to see more of your writing~! ^__^
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[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 01:32 pm (UTC)
wah! thank you! Curse seal love is something I can find very little of out there, and I love it so much! After ASKERIAN's piece, no different, I went on a ranpage in search of it, and found none! -gaspshock-

I was trying very hard to keep them in character. It's hard not to make Naruto uber Uke when he bottoms, because you know he's really responsive, and hard not to make Sasuke a bastard, because he likes to flaunt his power over people. I took out a few lines and added others because of it. Thank you, it means a lot to mean to know they were IC.

Hopefully coming soon! -crosses fingers and hopes to become unlazy-
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: dolphdog
2006-07-10 12:49 pm (UTC)
*fans self* hot! hot! hot! i especially like the part wif Sasuke forcing Naruto to beg. For ur next fic, how about Sasu getting Naru to call him "Sasuke-sama?" *grins* instead of just fuck, how about "thrust/ram ur large cock up my slutty hole"??? hmm.... i shd stop reading so much smut fics!!

maybe they can do it in other place too... its getting too prediable to c them doing it indoors/outdoors, against any furniture/floor/door...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 01:34 pm (UTC)
lol! I will see what I can do, and take your suggestions into consideration, although I cannot promise anything :P. Don't worry, I read many smut fics too! It keeps me sane :P.

Thank you very much!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lexibob
2006-07-10 03:31 pm (UTC)
*chants* sex.. sex ... sex... sex....

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 04:01 pm (UTC)
lmao! thank you! glad you seemed to enjoy it ^_^
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: thursday_kat
2006-07-10 03:44 pm (UTC)

a plethora of !!!!

hot! hothothothothot!!!!! *purrs* awesomely fantastic smut! and boys in character! and truth or dare! and the proving that the SING/SKING fangirls are wrongwrongwrong! *yeahs* and seal stim-sex (thanks for the new fet! :0 ) and battles for dominance! ( sooper hot!) and begging! gahhh *puddles* and and and.... *passes out from hotness*

user kitty is currently unavailable due to extreme blood loss and hotness overload, please attempt contact at a later time...

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 04:04 pm (UTC)

Re: a plethora of !!!!

lmao!!!! wow, I love that review :P

I figure everyone has two or three unoriginal ideas they can use for their first smut, and I just happened to choose Truth or Dare over the others offered. made it easier to get them going. :P

SING/SKING! I totally made that up, but was happy with the result :P

and thank Akerian for the new fet, she made me like it.

Please come back sometime when you've recovered! -sends you flowers- Get well soon :P

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: gonrie
2006-07-10 04:39 pm (UTC)
That was god!!!!! Wonderful!!!! I LOVE IT! MAKE ME SMILE ALL THE WAY!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 05:11 pm (UTC)
-grin- thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: filimonovna
2006-07-10 07:14 pm (UTC)
That was hot!
You really, really-really, really-really-really should write more!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^

btw: I love your icon. :P

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nerveless
2006-07-10 07:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow. I am saving this to my memories. This is one of the BEST Sasunaru smut fics I have read in a while. There were just so many yummy parts...especially the entire scene where Naruto tries to draw out Sasuke's curse seal...mmm, new Naruto fetish. And all of the drunk scenes with all of the other characters were awesome, too. Thank you for writing this. ^-^'
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, my first smut piece and it's mem'ed! -tears- thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: 1ofthelostones
2006-07-10 07:57 pm (UTC)
Omg...just omg...I'm about to choke from laughter. That was so hot and frikkin hilarious.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:23 pm (UTC)
^_^ Why thank you! I aim to please Sasuke and Naruto the fans.

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:24 pm (UTC)
Next piece is Seme!Naruto, I think ^_~ If Sasuke isn't a bastard -_- which might happen no matter what I do. But I tried to make Naruto as masculine as possible. I will try harder next time, thank you!

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kuraikage
2006-07-10 08:10 pm (UTC)
If I could I would have your babies.

Right here. Right now.

Much love. ♥
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:26 pm (UTC)
O.O omgosh. my babies? This is only my first smut piece and ya'll are asking to have my babies! -wibbletear- You guys are love.

-huggles- thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:27 pm (UTC)
lol. as I said, I think I'm going to try and have a Bitch!Sasuke and Hokage!Seme!Naruto next time, see how it turns out :P

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kingofhearts445
2006-07-10 10:54 pm (UTC)
I just thought I would point this out... I dunno how many people that read this have Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for PS2...

But when ur Sasuke or Kakashi and u use sharingan, u can copy Naruto's Sexy Jutsu... and whts worse is that Kakashi and Sasuke's form in Sexy Jutsu look like them as chicks

It's worth the cost of the game on its own
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:29 pm (UTC)
-cries- KENNY! YOUR SUCH A BITCH! I know where you live dammit! [or I could ask Leslie] I WILL be stealing your PS2 and N:UN!!!!

...or you can send me, like, pictures of Sasuke/Kakashi in Sexy no Jutsu. [can they do harem no jutsu too?!] ^_~

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
From: dazdconfusd
2006-07-10 11:04 pm (UTC)
I really like this!... nyahhh. And I like the song. Good job... yeah. Just good job ♥

I'm sadly a sucker for seme!Sasuke. Dx
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-10 11:30 pm (UTC)
lol. Everyone's a sucker for seme!Sasuke, just like everyone's a fan of Angst!Sasuke. It's like, hot :P

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
[User Picture]From: aithieman
2006-07-11 04:16 am (UTC)
SO HOT! Loved it. Seme!Sasuke is the best. And I love Ino, haha, she's such a drunk.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-11 11:28 am (UTC)
thank you very much! ^_^

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: canthappenhere
2006-07-11 04:26 am (UTC)
*snort* One of my gay friends actually does that... clenches his ass muscles to fuck with people while he's having sex (he gets bored). And this was an awesome lemon; you just need one of those once in a while. I also enjoyed Kiba+Shikamaru+Ino+Sakura being drunk off of their asses. Drunk people are always funny. And drunk ninjas? Hell.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-11 11:29 am (UTC)
lol. thank you ^_^. yes, drunk ninjas rock :P

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jamina_chan
2006-07-11 04:39 am (UTC)

...... *dies*

Oh. my. freaking. god...
I t-think I need to go clean my nose cause I do have blood leaking from it...

This story.. was freaking awesome.. And I am practically speechless so I'm gonna type this instead.. I love how you kept them in character and not all mushy, I love how you made Sasuke a control freak, I love what Ino did I love the fact that they argued over who gets seme i love how mindless they became I love how Kiba had to go buy lube in front of the Bi cashier I love Kiba's awesome mind for thinking up the dare I love your mind for thinking up this story I love.... so much right now...

KyaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *image overload* *drooling* squee...

Lovely.. lovely.... lovely hot wonderful manyly bouttsexy of smexy men GOODNESS!! kyaaaaaa... You made me my day.. you made my day wonderful... oh my god i was supposed to be off the net half an hour ago but this story was so awesome I couldnt resist but my mom's gonna kill me but this story was too awesome!! Kyaa, kyaaa, kyaaaaaaaa *dies from lose of blood through neglected nose* X__x

*in heaven* KYAAAAAAAA!!!!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-11 11:31 am (UTC)

Re: ...... *dies*

lol! thank you! I try :P. I personally like Kiba's reaction to the cashier as well. so cute ^_^!

Glad I made you happy!

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
[User Picture]From: satsuke50
2006-07-11 04:56 am (UTC)
Oh my God. This was so amazingly awesome it makes me want to weep. Weep with joy, and weep because my review skills aren't nearly good enough to properly praise this wonderful fanfiction. But I'll try my damndest.

Bah! Okay. Drunk ninjas = laugh out loud. Made me laugh more than a few times. The lube thing was hilarious! An entertaining beginning that stopped me from just skipping to the smut, good job!
This was probably one of the most mind-blowing, creative, perfectly constructed lemons I've ever read! Lots of new ideas that I've never read before, and I liked how you didn't keep Naruto as the totally submissive uke like some stories do. It just doesn't go with his personality, and I'm glad you changed it around for a while. :D The little bits of humor in the fucking ("jerk off madly and run home", omg, I snickered just imagining that - and Sasuke's face after it happened.) didn't put off the hotness, just made it even better!

The only thing that would make this amazing better is: Sequel. Omgplz.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-11 11:34 am (UTC)
lol! -hands you a tissue- I think it was a nice review! :P

yay! my not-really-a-plot-within-the-smut was okay! good!

p-perfectly constructed? -blush- thank you!

omgosh, Naruto was so frustrated when he thought that. he should have done it, Sasuke would have been pissed! :P

sequel... was going to happen... and never did... because I'm lazy and Kakashi-sensei is hard to write. especially without his books, which he was going to retrieve. but maybe, after training, or something... I dunno, maybe in the far future ^_^

thank you!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)
[User Picture]From: _profiterole_
2006-07-11 08:43 am (UTC)
OMFG! That was so HAWT!!! ^___^

Yay for Truth or Dare fics! Especially when you make the guys use chakra, jutsu, seals... *drools*

The Kyuubi fucking purred.
*giggles* I love that line. ^^

You did an awesome job writing that fic! :-)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: trypton88
2006-07-11 11:36 am (UTC)
:P thank you. Curse Seal Love= ha~awtness

Kyuubi would purr, that bastard ^_^ he likes the sex too!

thank you!
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